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Company Profile

Our company Cloud Ideas is a web based company which manages different dynamic websites. is our first project. The website is designed with the consumer in mind.

Its main objective is to help the consumer to make it easier for them to procure auto parts and related products. It has a refine search and is user friendly. The layout of the website is highly customized to be easily read and understood. It utilizes icons to make it more appealing and less straining to the eyes. It had been optimized for the road warriors with mobile devices like netbooks, Ipad, Tablets and even Smartphones. is being manned by full time Webmasters. It is being updated constantly of its data base and is kept abreast with the latest trend in the auto industry.  It's a new venue for the consumer to help them in sourcing and to get the cheapest possible price from a reliable source, while the merchants also have a new venue to advertise their products and have a wider market  exposure. It is a specialty website for the auto industry particularly for the  after sales concerns. 

The best part are the promotions and give aways being done online. The company believes that selling might earn us profit, but sourcing will earn us reputation. is still in its Beta stage, we are still conceptualizing the next phase of services to be introduced. We welcome comments and suggestions.