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Originally established in January 1920, Mazda started manufacturing tools in 1929 and soon branched out into production of trucks for commercial use. In the early 1960s, Mazda launched its first passenger car models and began developing rotary engines. Still headquartered in Hiroshima in western Japan, Mazda Motor Corporation today ranks as one of Japan's leading automakers. Mazda has been exporting cars to the United States and Europe for over 40 years. Overseas sales account for more than two thirds of total turnover. Mazda has two main production sites in Japan and 14 overseas facilities. Mazda's factory at Hiroshima is one of the largest single-site automobile plants in the world, with an annual production capacity of about 480,000 units. The plant located at Hofu has a capacity of nearly 410,000 units. Overseas sites include joint ventures based in the United States, and in Thailand with Ford Motor Company, Mazda's largest shareholder. Mazda boasts an illustrious history of engineering innovation, symbolized by the rotary engine. Although many leading firms attempted to adapt the concept, only Mazda persevered and succeeded in creating a commercial sports car engine. Today, Mazda is the only manufacturer in the world that makes gasoline, diesel and rotary internal combustion engines. The latest incarnation of the rotary engine powers the Mazda RX-8, a car that truly embodies Mazda DNA. Mazda's raison d'etre is to make cars that are fun to drive-cars that enthuse but are also affordable. The brand message "Zoom-Zoom" aims to capture this feeling, expressing the passionate spirit of motoring enjoyment that drives Mazda forward.

Store Name Address Location Street Email Contact Number
1 Motorist Auto Supply Co. 187 Banawe St. cor Agno St. Quezon City Quezon City Banawe (02) 711-8177 / 731-9766 / 711-5002
2 Car Zone Service Center 578-584 Banawe St. Between Samat St. and Don Manauel Agregado St. Brgy. Sto. Domingo, Quezon City Quezon City Banawe 7816035 / 7404106 / 7402656 / 3860769
3 HBK Motor Parts 95 E Banawe Avenue cor Macopa St. Quezon City Quezon City Banawe 7129963 / 7129967 / 7402873 / 7402874
4 5C Auto Parts Center 31 D Banawe St. Quezon City Quezon City Banawe 743-4397 / 749-3254
5 ALAS Auto Parts 131 Banawe St. QC Quezon City Banawe 7111105 / 4117402
6 Alto Motor Parts 385-D Banawe St. Quezon City Quezon City Banawe (02) 711-3035 / 743-7975
7 Ameraq Auto Supply 308 - 42 Far East Asia Complex Visayas Avenue Quezon City Quezon City Visayas Avenue 4946497
8 APT San Mateo Auto Supply 948 Aurora Blvd Quezon City Quezon City Aurora Blvd 9125153 / 9125142 / 9125144 / 9125152
9 Arenza Auto Supply 53-C Kaliraya st. Tatalon QC Quezon City Kaliraya 5160917 / 4104633
10 Asko Auto Supply 208-A Banawe St. Tatalon, Quezon City Quezon City Banawe 516-1040 / 516-3802
11 Auto Dynamics Car Accessories B 55Fairlane St. Fairview Avenue Quezon City Quezon City Fairlane 9831711
12 Automax Japan Surplus Parts Inc. 241 Banawe st. QC Quezon City Banawe 7405440 / 7406078
13 Autostar Motor Parts & Services Inc. 95 F&G Banawe st. cor Macopa st. QC Quezon City Banawe 7113824 / 7113826
14 Banawe Icon Auto Supply 289 G Banawe St. Cor M. Cuenco Sto. Domingo Quezon City Quezon City Banawe 413-1336 / 415-1201
15 Big Thumb Surplus 41 Kabignayan st. QC Quezon City Kabignayan 7115179 / 7317065 / 9863231 / 6649334 / 9863231
16 Blue Line Car Accessories and General Merchandise 567- F Banawe St. cor. Calamba St. Quezon City Quezon City Banawe 711-3641
17 Blue Ring Car Haus Inc. 181 E. Rodriguez jr. Ave. Bagumbayan QC Quezon City E. Rodriguez 6875283
18 Brigido's Auto Supply 84 Banawe st. QC Quezon City Banawe 7422850 / 4163692
19 Capitol Auto Supply Block 1 Lot 18 Commonwealth Avenue, Quezon City Quezon City Commonwealth Avenue 02-931-5255 / 931-2315
20 Car Top Enterprise 237 Evergrowth Bldg. Banawe St. Doña Josefa Quezon City Quezon City Banawe 7321253 / 7321255