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Vehicle Registration Plate Standardization Project

In January 2013, the Land Transportation Office ventured on the plate standardization project with modern security features which include holograms and bar codes, and also planned to phase out the old plate format which has been in use since 1981. In the new format, the LTO will issue LLL-DDDD for four-wheel vehicles and LL-DDDDD for motorcycles. The alphanumeric symbols for private cars will be black on a white background, while those for... read more
2015 Nissan NP300 Navara Ushers In the Philippines

“Let the truck war begin,” stated a visually gleaming Antonio ‘Toti’ Zara, Nissan Philippines’s President and Managing Director. He has every reason to be ecstatic. Just a few seconds before marching up the stage, he literally pulled it, band and all, using the all-new Nissan NP300 Navara. The rock concert theatrics isn’t new (Ford pulled the same feat with the Ranger back in 2002), but Mr. Zara’s warn... read more
Reviving your flood-damaged car

By: Botchi Santos Once again floods brought about by Typhoon “Gener” wrought havoc in Metro Manila and a fairly large number of cars were affected. Here’s a simple to-do list to make your car road-worthy again. Please note that regardless of your car’s condition, do not try starting/cranking your engine if you are in doubt. You might cause a short circuit, which at the very least can fry your car’s electronic... read more
Fixing a Flood-Damaged Car

Heavy rain, storm surge and standing water may mean difficult and expensive automotive repairs for owners of flood-damaged vehicles. A car damaged by flood water should not be started until a thorough inspection and cleaning is performed. "In addition to the obvious damage done to upholstery and carpeting, flood water is a corrosive and abrasive mixture of water and dirt that forces its way into every seam and crevice of an automo... read more
10 Tips To Know Before Going On A Car Test Drive

The process of buying a car is a long one. It starts from the buyer deciding to first buy a car followed by several days of research with other car users as well as on the internet. Finally when you make a list of cars from which you want to choose one you start visiting showrooms to have a closer look at the car and even go for a test drive.           replica watches The car test drive ... read more