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Jeepney Company, the company behind Jeepney Tours that offers tourists with Pinoy-style transport in some of the top destinations in the country since 2005, have recently showcased the double-decker Jeepney complete with airconditioning system, a refrigerator, a pair of TV, sound system and two microphones for those who fancy videoke while on the road.   Back in September last year the Jeepney Company, together with Tourism Secret... read more
DPWH uses new technology to fix Ayala Bridge

The Department of Public Works and Highways has begun its planned lifting of the Ayala Bridge in San Miguel, Manila, using the strand jack technology, a heavy lifting system that is reportedly used worldwide "to lift bridges, buildings and other structures," and is supposedly being used for the first time in the Philippines. The raising of the bridge by 0.7m takes place after the agency began the bridge’s repair and rehabil... read more
About Radar Tires

Radar – the flagship brand of Singapore based Omni-United – offers a complete range of on-trend, high quality yet affordable passenger car, SUV, trailer, winter and commercial tires. Since its launch in 2006, Radar's growth has been mostly organic and exponential. Today, Radar has become one of the fastest growing global tire brands, and is currently represented in over 80 countries.   Radar offers a compelling val... read more
Summer Car Care Tips

With so many people saving money these days by driving to their vacation destination rather than flying, we at AutoHeroes thought we would point out some things that you should consider before heading out for your summer getaway. If you haven't had your car in for routine maintenance in the last few months, try and get it into the mechanics shop a week or so before you leave on your trip. It's better to catch a problem now than at ... read more
The New Lamborghini Veneno

Of all the world's supercar makers, none stretch the idea of an ultimate sports machine quite so far as Lamborghini. For its 50th anniversary, the Italian automaker has created its most bizarre car yet: Meet the Veneno, a $4 million alien craft that will be assembled for only three buyers who've already put down their deposits — and being sold out before it goes into production is only a hint of the Veneno's speed. Built ... read more