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Off-Road Driving Tips

Your SUV wasn’t designed to spend its days on pavement alone. It can and should take you farther, but not before you consider some basic off-road driving tips. Off-road driving involves healthy doses of common sense, patience and skill. It’s not mastered instantly, but with practice, you’ll be driving more safely and ultimately having more fun. T.R.E.A.D. lightly Our off-road driving won’t make you a hero withi... read more
Tips for Driving in Flooded Roads

While many cars will get through quite severe floods, there are a number of dangers. Apart from shorted-out electrics on petrol cars, there is also a risk of the engine sucking in water which, being incompressible, will cause it to lock solid (hydraulic lock), smashing connecting rods, pistons, even crankshafts. If the water is fast-moving, there is also a risk that the car could be carried off into deeper flood water with you inside. So w... read more
Au2 Freebies of the Week!

Get a chance to win Castrol Keychains by sharing this on your Facebook Wall !!!             Promo Mechanics   1. Promo is open to all Au2parts members but preferably for Metro Manila residents (due to distance when claiming the prize). Should be logged in as Car Fanatics. (Not yet registered? Register here: 2. Automotive News, Au2 Deals of... read more
Car Performance Tips

The purpose of tuning is to ramp up car performance and style. Numerous ways exist to help you make the most of your ride. However, if you have never tuned for performance before, it can be a confusing topic. Unlike tuning strictly for style, performance customization requires that you adhere to modifications that offer real performance benefits, rather than just good looks. While many elements of the various tuning styles offer performance up... read more
Signs of a Failing Automatic Transmission

An automatic transmission is a transmission which changes gear automatically on reaching a certain speed which is already being set in the vehicle’s computerized system. It is considered to be the most complex and complicated transmission system in the modern vehicles. The main components of modern automatic transmission are mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems and computer controls. The working of all these componen... read more