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10 Tips To Know Before Going On A Car Test Drive

The process of buying a car is a long one. It starts from the buyer deciding to first buy a car followed by several days of research with other car users as well as on the internet.

Finally when you make a list of cars from which you want to choose one you start visiting showrooms to have a closer look at the car and even go for a test drive.

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The car test drive is by far the most important event that will help you decide to buy or not to buy a car. You need to be prepared well for a test drive as you will have to understand the positive as well as the negative aspects about a car. You will only have a few minutes to do that and here is where our tips for the car test drive will help you.
a) Take the car for a test drive at a time when you have sufficient time. A hurried test drive will mean you will not give full attention to all the features of the car.
b) Most car dealers have a person along with you to help you understand the car's features during the test drive. Do not hesitate to inquire anything and everything about the car before you begin the test drive.
c) Observe the car's interior space to ascertain if the car offer's the required space. Also have a look at the amount of space the car occupies in the parking area so that you can ascertain if it fits in to your parking space.
d) Take the car for the test drive around not only traffic-free roads but also on main roads where you encounter higher traffic to see how the car perform on the road. If possible take the car to a nearby highway to see how it accelerates and also test the brakes.
e) You can also drive the car on the route that you take routinely. This will help you understand the car in a better way.
f) Check the car both from the driver and passenger seat. While on the driver's seat you should look at all the adjustments available to the seat, steering, ergonomics, buttons and keys that need to be accessed from the driver's seat. Also check how comfortable the seats are as they are very important for long journeys.
g) Space inside the cabin is a very important aspect. Have a look at the head room, leg space available both at the front as well as in the rear cabin.
h) Always be attentive to any kind of unnecessary noise or sounds coming from the car during the test drive. Also check if the engine's sound enters the cabin. Diesel engines tend to produce more noise than petrol ones. But a well built car will essentially block as much engine sound from the engine as possible.
i) Speaking about noises, also check how the music system of the car performs. A good music system is an essential part of the car as it elevates the driving pleasure. Ensure you have a close look at the music system during the test drive.
j) Do not go alone for a test drive. Always take an experienced driver along so that you can get immediate feedback about the car. If possible take a car mechanic along as he will be able to judge the car's performance.
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